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The absolute “YES” and “NO” in caring for patients is very important and crucial. Medical Assistant students need to assist Physicians not only with the medical tasks and procedures, but also with the best efforts to magnify the “NO HARM” to patients and the “NO LAWSUIT” to Physicians.

This project consists of four lesson plans, which are susceptible to lawsuit if medical assistants are not well equipped with. They are Infection control, communication, scope of practice, and HIPAA issue; they are intertwined each other. This project will serve as a solid preparation and equipment for medical assistant to maintain and regulate the healthy environment for the best care and safety for patients and Physicians.

Students will be exposed and will explore the connections between reality and abstract concept of each lesson, through project based learning activities. They will experience a variety of interactive learning process and apply logical framework thinking by analyzing their case based research into the reality.

This unit is brought to you by JULIAN A KILER (CTE) with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by the Course Team Lead JOSHUA BRADLEY.
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