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In this project, students will need to identify the best materials to use in a manufactured wall panel. They will need to justify their choices with a thorough analysis and they will create a data sheet that outlines their designed wall panel.

CTE: For the Sustainable Wall Panel Project, they will be designing their own wall panel and will need to understand the types of materials used.

ELA: Students who are passionate about engineering and will work hard toward building skills in their chosen pathway often have trouble seeing a purpose for developing writing skills in their English classes. For this reason, it's important to remind students that Engineers who can write effectively--those who understand their audience, who can write persuasively, and communicate ideas clearly--are most likely to become team leaders, to be viewed as change-makers and innovators, and to be highly valued by their employers. Thus, the work they do in English has profound implications for success in their chosen careers.

Math: In mathematics, students will first use the familiar equation of distance = rate x time to investigate the properties of direct and inverse relationships, and introduce R-Factor (R-Value) of insulation, which behaves in a similar way. Then students investigate the heat transfer (conductance) equation, and graph this function using parameters from a situation on both paper and on an online graphing calculator. Students then learn to identify asymptotes, which behave like mathematical "walls". Lastly, students research and explore Thinsulate Window Film and calculate the reduction in heat loss when Thinsulate is used.

This project is brought to you by Christina Wimer (CTE), Becky Brown (ELA) and LeeAnne Aidt (Math), with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by the Course Team Lead Joshua Bradley.


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