Michelle Saldana-Armenta
4 years ago
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In this age of flavored smoke and e-cigarettes, we need to help our students take a critical look at this new type of smoking and ask themselves this vital question:

Is "vaping" bad for you?

In this project, students will attempt to determine if vaping e-cigarettes are indeed harmful to your health.

Throughout these lessons, students will:
-Identify the changes that take place in a lung that has experienced smoking as well as personally experience what limited lung capacity may feel like.
-Replicate the structure of the Respiratory System and then build one out of clay.
-Analyze the physical structure of an E-Cig and evaluate its inherent health implications.
-Identify those most at risk of smoking and the harmful effects by collecting data on their county and discovering what populations make up the majority of smokers.
-Form an opinion on what the health concerns are regarding Vape cigarettes.

In the culminating activity, students will create and present a campaign of their own design to a local community of their choice about the dangerous long term health problems that vaping can lead to.

This unit is brought to you by Michelle Armenta (CTE ) with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by Joshua Bradley.


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