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Modern file systems encountered in professional environments are increasingly virtualized and remote. A remote virtual Ubuntu Linux Operating System hosted on Amazon Web Services is used in this project to allow the student to have access to a computer to which they have root access. This allows the student to have a better platform on which to learn about the administrative aspects of file management and security. This would be impossible on a computer which they have restricted access to, such as the computers available to students at most schools.

In this project, students will set up, launch and customize a publicly available web application. This project provides the high interest framework and sufficiently complex challenges for students to learn file management and security. File management and security is at the heart of creating secure and functional computer applications and systems. For students to conceptualize these concepts as well as practice the skills necessary to predictably operate and develop computer systems, students need access to a remote computer system on which they have administrator or root access. With this access they are able to comprehensively practice and develop the file management skills which are fundamental to all computer systems.

Lessons in the Project Include:
Lesson 1: Operating System on the Cloud
Lesson 2: Creating a Web Server
Lesson 3: Launching a Web App
Lesson 4: Customizing Your Web App

This project is brought to you by Frank Carmody with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by Team Lead Gayle Nicholls-Ali.
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Operating System in the Cloud

Creating a Web Server

Launching a Web App

Customizing Your Web App