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This four lesson project will teach students about algorithms through hands-on activities with a culminating project. Students do not need prior knowledge to understand the lessons, they will be presented as introductory topics in a fun and engaging manner. Guide students as they learn about the importance of sorting data, comparing linear and binary search, and learn about the "divide and conquer" method.

Teach students about algorithms through a battleship game. Watch them display their knowledge with a culminating project that will require them to analyze film cartridges and organize them by weight based on selecting the correct algorithm. This project is a great introduction to programming and will give students a good foundation of the concepts used in organizing data.

This unit is brought to you by Michael Ocampo (CTE) with support from the CTE Online curriculum leadership team and detailed coordination provided by Team Lead Gayle Nicholls-Ali.
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Algorithms - Let's Break it Down

Binary Algorithm

Linear vs. Binary Search- What Gives?

Sorting Algorithms- Saved the Best for Last