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Titans of CNC Academy

1000's of CNC Machining and Manufacturing projects complete with full step by step videos, 3D models, free Autofusion software, and specification sheets for every build. Great stuff and really cool show that produces all of their series highlighting designing parts, programming the build into the software, then setting up the machining and manufacturing the part.

Blank Report Forms for Crime and CSI Reports

Students can use these generic forms to record their criminal investigation exercises.

What is CTE Online? Introductory Video (3:53)

Want to know more about CTE Online? Watch this short video that explores the CTE curriculum and other tools available to all registered users for free.

Copyright-free music provided by Ben Sound:

Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for Law Enforcement Summer 2013

The Department of Justice, The National Institute of Justice and the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the National Forensic Science Technology Center have developed this guide. It is intended to assist law enforcement personnel in correctly processing a crime scene. Its publication is available for free as a PDF download from the National Forensic Science Technology Center at url

Access Control Log for a Crime Scene (with example)

A form used to document when people enter of leave a crime scene during an investigation. (Teachers may put the name of their school or class in the blank space next to "Police Department.")

Country GDP Chart (Answer Key)

Country GDP Chart (Answer Key) - Answers for the Teachers Resource

Country GDP Chart (Student)

Country GDP Chart (Student) - This is a group assessment test to evaluate the understanding of the students of GDP.

Country GDP Number Cards

Print this page on yardstick, cut each number out and place them in a cup to draw.

Too Much Money - Video Viewing Guide (Answer Key)

This worksheet is for students to fill in as they watch the video. !zzit (Director). (2012). Too Much Money [Motion picture on DVD]. USA.

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