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"How It's Made" YouTube Channel

A look behind the scenes at how everyday things are manufactured. Typically each episode includes three to four products featured, with a mix consisting of common items such as jeans, aluminium foil and cereal, and less predictable ones like wax figurines, braille typewriters and pinball machines. Students gain a better understand of current manufacturing processes.

TDI Safety Training Resources for Manufacturing

A collection of pdf documents that are quick topic overviews for safety on common injuries that occur in the workplace.

Tip of The Day, Product & Cutting Demos, Answer Man, Service, and Apps Minute video library

An ever increasing library of quick tips and applicable knowledge for every level machinist or machining student.

Metal cutting e-learning, Sandvic Coromant

A nine chapter learning module consisting of 75 short courses (2 to 10 minutes) on Machinability (workpiece materials and cutting tool materials), Turning???, Parting and grooving, Threading, Milling?, Drilling, Boring, Tool holding, Other information (machining economy and maintenance). Includes a knowledge test and capability to submit for Sandvic Coromant subject matter certification.

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