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SAGE Entrepreneurship Teacher Training Workshop for Prospective Teachers & Mentors

SAGE Entrepreneurship Teacher Training Workshop for Prospective Teachers & Mentors July 26-27, 2018
What: SAGE Global founder and CEO, Dr. Curt DeBerg, will lead an intensive workshop to train master mentors to teach “Turning Risk into Success: An Entrepreneurship Program for Teenagers.”
When: July 26-27, 2018Where: California State University, Chico

SAGE TRIS Training July 2018

Registration Form for the TRIS “Turning Risk into Success” July 26-27, 2018 Two-Day Master Trainer Program California State University, Chico Chico, California.

UCCI - Courses to Use as Models for UC Approval and CTE/Acad. Integration

This is a list of UCCI's courses developed to use as a model of CTE / Academics integrated, UC approved coursework. This directory page splits up courses by A-G approval areas.

Are You Ready

Discussion Questions for Opening/Hook Activity; Editable

Creating an Emergency Shelter Map in ArcGIS Instructions

These instructions are editable and can be adapted or updated to suit your student's needs.

Are You Ready

Discussion Questions for Opening/Hook activity; PDF, ready to print and use.

The FEMA National Shelter System Database

The FEMA National Shelter System is a coordinated nationwide database of emergency shelter information where thousands of profiles of potential shelter resources, as well as virtually any type of facility associated with the care of disaster survivors, are maintained. FEMA, working in partnership with the American Red Cross, used lessons learned to develop a new easy to use system that includes operational data to assist emergency management professionals in times of disaster and for planning purposes. The system has the ability to track virtually any type of facility used in response to disasters.

Filtering Data in Excel

These instructions for filtering large amounts of data in an Excel Spreadsheet is a Word document that can be used as is, or edited to suit your class' and student's needs

Creating an Emergency Shelter Locator Map in ArcGIS

This PDF is ready to print and us as-is.

Dr. Lucy Jones examines SoCal on anniversary of 1994 Northridge quake | ABC7

The deadly Northridge earthquake ripped through the Southland while most people were fast asleep in January 1994, flatting highways, bursting gas lines and squashing buildings.

Filtering Data in Excel

This PDF file is ready to print or use electronically as is.

PBL Presentation Rubric

Use this rubric to assess student presentations; In doc format so that it can be edited to suit your student and classroom needs and requirements.

PBL Presentation Rubric

Ready to use PDF of PBL Presentation Rubric.

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