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Haspi Muscular Lab

High School Anatomy Lab 9 muscular system

Haspi Respiratory Labs

High School Anatomy Lab 14 Respiratory


History of Medicine

HASPI Lab 1 anatomy lab 1

Haspi Cardiovascular System Lab

High School Anatomy lab 13

Being Heard and Giving Others a Voice

LaKeskia Grant founded Virtual Enterprise Architects as a place where she would have a voice and create an environment where others could be heard. She discusses her industry and encourages would-be entrepreneurs to incorporate their core values in their business. Grant’s mother may not know exactly what the information technology business does, but she instilled a strong work ethic and the spirit of entrepreneurship in her daughter.

Chef Jacket Project

Students create a paper chef jacket from their research of a chef project.

Food Handlers Card Website

This site is a six hour course and finishes with a food handlers card test for students to receive their food handlers card.

Chef Research Project

Research on a famous chef

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