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What I Know About Myself

Understanding and reflecting on sense of self.

Close Reading PDF by Beth Burke

A very good guide to using the teaching strategy "Close Reading".

Soft Card File

Template for collecting strategies for supporting self-esteem - Internet research.

Soft Card File PDF

Collect strategies during an Internet search.

Classroom Management in Practice

This purpose of this worksheet is to focus student attention to the use of classroom procedures and routines that promote self-esteem, independence, and self respect and respect for others.

Viewing Prompt

Students use this prompt to complete a journal entry on each of the classroom management strategies demonstrated by their classmates.

Demonstration Check Sheet PDF

This is a grading rubric for the classroom management demonstrations.

Check Sheet for Observation PDF

Check sheet for grading the observation assignment. Should be shown to students in advance so that they understand the expectations of this assignment.

Lesson 3 Journal Check Sheet PDF

Potential answers are in red.

Classroom Rules

This worksheet outlines the importance of establishing classroom management procedures in the first days of school. The students are introduced to the idea that procedures become routines, and that they will construct and demonstrate management strategies.

Demonstration Check Sheet PDF

This worksheet provides a quick and easy way to evaluate the effectiveness of a demonstration.

Demonstration Assignment PDF

This document outlines the requirements for the demonstration assignment.

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