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Success with online Professional Development

The Center for Online Professional Education (COPE) at Education Development
Center, Inc. discusses how tech coordinators and school site mentors can build
capacity for technology integration with sucessful online professional development

CTAP Online - Professional Development Support

Use this "elements of success for CTAP Online support to get your wheels turning on action steps you can take and / or support your districts with in order to meet your Action Plan objectives (outcomes). Also check out a wealth of strategies shared with all CTAP Online members in the Professional Development section of CTAP Online Document Sharing.

Template for Scheduling CTAP100 courses

An example schedule and template to create your school site schedule for
CTAP 100 face to face courses.

Animal Reproduction Lab Slide Show

This is the lab overview PowerPoint presentation Chico High School Agriculture teacher Dave Wemp shows to his students as part of the lecture guiding them through the reproductive parts of an animal. This also helps prepare them for how it will go when they perform their own dissection later in the unit.

Torque Converters

Lesson plan on Torque Converters

Lesson Elements for CTE

Example of various activity level elements found in a typical, quality daily lesson plan...with an accompanying example from OH class on floral arrangement.

Batman Picture

Picture of Batman

Arnold Picture

Picture of Arnold Schwarzeneger

Water Lillies Picture

Picture of Water Lillies

Vanessa Williams Picture

Picture of Vanessa Williams

Spiderman Picture

Picture of Spiderman

Wonder Woman Picture

Picture of Wonder Woman

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