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What's Your Business? (Grade Sheet)

This is a grade sheet to help with grading the project.

Customer Survey

Pass out a Customer Survey to each student. Refer to instructions.

What's Your Business - Pop Quiz (Reference for Teacher)

This is a word document with the five questions and answers to the "What's Your Business" Pop Quiz.

Company's Goals & Pacaging ( Student hant-out)

This word document is a student hand-out giving the students instruction on company's goals and packaging.

Target Market (Student Hand-Out)

This is a word document that gives students instruction in more detail for selection the target market for their product.

Scenario Cards

Cut into four strips and give each group one scenario each

Knowing Your Boss or Co-Worker

Eight questions to check students understanding of the four personality traits.

Personality Test (Short Version) TEACHER ANSWER KEY

Personality Test (Short Version) TEACHER ANSWER KEY

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