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What's Your Price Strategies? PowerPoint

This is a PowerPoint that gives more detail on strategies for pricing.

Name - Logo - Slogan - Jingle (Student Insturction Sheet)

This is a word document that gives students instruction in more detail for creating a name, logo, slogan and jingle for their business.

Rubric - What's Your Business?

This is a scoring rubric which is a form of communication of what the expectation and quality around each task that is expected of each students and their work.

Personality Summary Worksheet

Students will use to take notes while the teacher displays the PowerPoint.

Employee "I" Card

Give one card to each group

Got Clientele" Jeopardy Power Point

This PowerPoint is a game that represents "jeopardy". Students will play the game Jeopardy to build understanding of the prior PowerPoint.

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