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Employee "I" Card

Give one card to each group

Got Clientele" Jeopardy Power Point

This PowerPoint is a game that represents "jeopardy". Students will play the game Jeopardy to build understanding of the prior PowerPoint.

What's In Your Name? PowerPoint

This is a seven slide PowerPoint, giving students a description of where some companies come up with the idea for their name.

Logos, Slogans, Jingles (PowerPoint)

This is a 12 Slide PowerPoint with samples and descriptions of Logos, Slogans and Jingles. This PowerPoint also has two videos. On is on slid 10 about Jingles. (10:14 minutes) The second one is the 12 slide that could be skip if time is short. (10:36 minutes)

What's Your Target Market?

This is a PowerPoint is about the different types of target marketing.

Personality Video

Short Video to get the class started

Dr. Clown

Video that shows personality

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