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The Top 7 Things Your Employee Handbook Should Have

Video 5:21 Informational Video on Employee Handbooks

Employee Handbook Teacher Grade Sheet

Employee Handbook Teacher Grading Sheet

Shark Tank: "The Best Episode Ever

Use the first 49 seconds

Catch That Shoplifter PowerPoint - PDF Version

PowerPoint on catching a Shoplifter

Top Seven Things (Teacher Key)

Teacher's key for student worksheet

Employee Handbook (Student Instruction Sheet) OPTION 2 (PDF Version)

Students who will Create an Employee handbook for a company which you shop at

Employee Peer Grading Sheet

This Peer Grading sheet is for students to grade their peers, the purpose of this is to help students who sit and do nothing vs. the student who works hard, get the grade they deserve.

Characteristic Traits of an Entrepreneur

1. Get and Stay Organized 17. Take what you do seriously
2. A successful Innovation 18. Plan everything
3. Follow-up Constantly 19. Manage money wisely
4. Leadership Attributes 20. Remember it’s all about the customer
5. Management Ability 21. Project a positive business image
6. Team Building is Essential Quality 22. Level the playing field with technology
7. First-Generation American 23. Build a top-notch business team
8. Show Entrepreneurs Qualities as a Youngster 24. Become known as an expert
9. Want things done their own way 25. Create a competitive advantage
10. Was a stubborn child 26. Invest in yourself
11. Liked to be challenged 27. Be accessible
12. Are willing to invest their own money 28. Build a rock-solid reputation
13. Place their goals in writing 29. Sell benefits
14. Are easily bored 30. Get involved

Types of Businesses (Long Version) PowerPoint

The Long version is a PowerPoint that reveals the types of businesses, but has added information such as: history of the companies and more detail.

Entrepreneurial Pop Quiz

This PowerPoint has the pop quiz questions along with three short videos of each entrepreneur. If an instructor is short for time they could choose to skip showing the videos.

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