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Schrock Survey

Schrock survey on Locker problem site

DHS State Review List

This is a short document that we put together in Region 2 to assist our Digital High School sites to prepare for their State DHS review visitations...

New 295 Agenda for Phase II Groups

Here is a new agenda for those of you who are starting up the 295 program as phase II participants or mentors....

Romeo and Juliet Student Presentation

This is a scene by scene summary of Romeo and Juliet Student PowerPoint slide show created for one of our courses as an example.

Marge Ansel

Web evaluation of Teaching Library Instruction Sessions in the Electronic Classroom

Session Reflection Model

The Summer Teaching and Leadership Collaborative end of day session reflection model that participants used to frame their discussions with colleagues.

Siskiyou Team Vision

This is the team vision thinking sheet that helps you to identify your onsite implementation of these resources...

Finding Time Reflections

A reflection worksheet on finding time for
staff development. Works well after
reviewing the Staff Development Time
document with trainers in document

CTAP Online Overview

This PowerPoint can be used as an
overview to CTAP Online during intro. of a
mentor / staff development workshop.

Staff Development Time

Successful and creative approaches to
finding time for professional development
opportunities and collaboration.

Aiming High Survey / Reflection Tool

A Reflection Tool to determine a school's progress in implementing a standards-based educational system. This tool is part of the CDE's "Aiming High: High Schools for the 21st Century". Aiming High is a how-to document for implementing a standards-based educational system. The document helps to place standards-based education in the context of California's accountability system that includes state standards and local outcomes. More info about the Aiming High document, including how to order, can be found at this address:

Lascaux Activity

Activity to help teams of two middle school age students explore the ancient artwork found in the cave of Lascaux at the following site:

Teacher Adaptability Quotient Scale

Use this instrument to find out if your school staff is ready to embark on comprehensive change by indexing their preference for innovation or stability.

Success with online Professional Development

The Center for Online Professional Education (COPE) at Education Development
Center, Inc. discusses how tech coordinators and school site mentors can build
capacity for technology integration with sucessful online professional development

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